Don’t be a Turkey – BRING a Turkey!

04 Nov

If you have the giblets, er… make that heart, then boy do we have a challenge for you! At the next pack meeting on Tues., Nov. 15, bring a frozen turkey with you! Why?

The Webelos 1 den from Pack 231, better known as The Flaming Rattlesnakes, are sponsoring a turkey drive for the benefit of The Hunger Task Force of Milwaukee. Educator Kevin Ronnie, will be on hand to talk about the importance of the donation and their mission. And, he’s shared some awesome news with us in advance:

For every turkey Pack 231 donates, Rexnord will match it 1-for-1. What’s that mean? Well, if you do the math (belt loop anyone?), it means that if we bring in 45 frozen turkeys, Rexnord will match our donation and furnish 45 frozen turkeys of their own. The Hunger Task Force would then get 90 turkeys! Gobble gobble indeed.

Let’s bring it all full circle:

  • We are asking every Pack 231 family to bring a frozen turkey to the pack meeting on Nov. 15.
  • These turkeys, along with any other nonperishable food or cash donation will be sent directly to the Hunger Task Force of Milwaukee for the benefit a Milwaukee family.
  • These donations will ensure that a needy family will be able to enjoy a special meal on Thanksgiving.
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